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DADCO Hydraulic Core Pin Cylinders

DADCO's DK Series Hydraulic Core Pin Cylinders are designed specifically for use in plastic injection molds.  Constructed with a one-piece round steel body DADCO's DK Series can be quickly installed into cored pockets within the mold, making them an ideal replacement for bulky, square head, tie-rod style hydraulic cylinders.

Compact size, numerous porting options, including convenient rear porting, and an optional non-rotating model are additional features that further illustrate the innovative design of DADCO's DK Series Hydraulic Core Pin Cylinders.



Constructed with long-lasting, high-temperature seals as standard, the Core Pin Cylinder can withstand temperatures inside plastic molds of up to 204C (400F) for constant duty and up to 260C (+500F) for short durations.

The Core Pin Cylinder offers numerous porting advantages in addition to convenient, versatile mounting options. Standard stroke lengths are 13, 25, 50, 80, and 100 mm (Nom. .5, 1, 2, 3, 4). Various male and female rod end styles are available.


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DADCOs Core Pin Cylinder is optionally available in a non-rotating model for use in applications where the rod controls the core pin orientation. This model is available in 13 and 25 mm (Nom. .5 and 1) stroke lengths. The Core Pin Cylinder may also be supplied with a double rod end. The body length is the same as the standard model. To view dimensions click any of the following sizes:  40mm Cylinder, 40mm Double Rod End Cylinder, 50mm Cylinder, 50mm Double Rod End Cylinder

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