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GW Technologies carries the complete range of low-cost portable stock oilers from Stamping Specialties Inc.

"Type A" Portable stock oilers offer a simple, cost-effective solution to stock lubrication.

The top roll is fed by lubricant held in an overhead reservoir and dripped from a perforated tube. The bottom roll picks up lubricant from the lower pan. Stock passes between the upper and lower rollers. Rolls turn on a free-wheeling steel axle rod ensuring even spread of lubricant. Constant spring pressure on rolls assures smooth, uniform lubrication. Reservoir capacity is 1 quart. An optional larger Reservoir is available, and rolls are available in Light/Medium duty and Heavy duty varieties.

The A9 (9") and A18 (18") standard models are shown below. Larger sizes are available by special order.

A-9 Stock Oiler:

For material widths from 1/2-inch to 8 inches

A-18 Stock Oiler:  

For material widths from 8 inches to 17 inches



 An optional FLOOR STAND is available for "Type A" Stock Oilers. Feed-line
height is adjustable from 24 inches to 42 inches.  The heavy 14-lb base plate is large enough to sit a 5-gallon bucket on, for extra weight in extreme situations.

Strip C'lip

These miniature Stock Oilers are designed to lubricate light gauge and narrow materials, from small diameter wire to 4-inch wide coil material. There are two types available:

  • The "VC" style is for vertical applications, such as some spring-forming operations, and for four-slide operations;

  • The "HVC" style is for horizontal applications, as in conventional punch press work. The "HVC" can
    be used in either vertical or horizontal applications.

VC Style

HVC Style

Both Strip C'lip Stock Oilers  are shown connected to the end of the Positioning Arm Adapter Bar (optional accessory) that  attaches to the optional floor stand. The lubricant feed tubes are connected to a gravity-feed reservoir (not shown).

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