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GW Technologies is the authorised distributor for Vlier products in Australia. Since opening its doors in 1943, Vlier has become a leading manufacturer of Spring Plungers, Retractable Plungers, Levelling Products, and Mechanical Products.  GW Technologies carries an extensive stock and distributes to a wide variety of customers in Australia and New Zealand.

To request a copy of the latest Vlier catalogue or a CD Rom containing CAD Profiles of all Vlier Products in DWG and DXF formats, click here,  or to download profiles direct from Vlier's CAD library click here.

Spring-Loaded Devices:


A Spring-loaded device (SLD) encapsulates a spring in a body and provides a plunger tip or ball on one end that allows for accurate and repeatable end-forces.

Vlier SLDs are grouped into four categories:

  • Standard spring plungers

  • Stubby spring plungers

  • Ball plungers (press-fit or threaded, with or without locking element)

  • Quick-release plungers (knob, knurled knob, t-handle, pull-ring, locking pull-ring and lever types)

Why use a spring-loaded device?

Manufacturers choose SLDs over standard springs and self-manufactured parts for many reasons:

  • accurate, repeatable end-forces

  • easier side-loading (impossible for springs)

  • simpler to install than standard springs

  • one sub-assembly replaces multiple components

  • repeatable projection time after time

  • minimal compression spring set

Casings and balls/plungers are available in metric and imperial sizes, and in a range of materials including steel, stainless steel, music wire, delrin, nylon and phenolic.

Levelling Devices:

Vlier Levellers are available in two basic types -  Stud or Socket. Stud models feature a threaded stud with integrally machined and hardened ball for superior strength and rigidity. For applications with an existing stud installation, Socket models offer base and socket with internal thread and nut.

Levelling devices are available in steel & stainless steel (with or without elastomer pads), delrin and anti-vibration variants.


Mechanical Components:

Torque Thumb Screws:  Torque Thumb Screws provide a variety of holding support including regular, reverse, variable and off-angle. Styles include: Regular, Swivel Pad, Inverted, Tee-Head and Adjustable. Checknut provided to prevent back-off during operation.
Adjustable Torque Handles: Adjustable Torque Handles offer control of forward force on assemblies, machinery, etc. where ordinary torque thumb screws would require considerable machining or customizing. Four (4) models of Vlier Adjustable Torque Handles.
Spring Stops: Spring Stops provide accurate, controlled end forces where fixture walls are not available. Steel and Delrin Nose designs. Die cast aluminium and steel body designs. Four (4) nose design options.
Toggle Pads: Steel/Stainless Steel or SS-Delrin Pad Toggle Pads solidly clamp parts with uneven or off-angle surfaces. Self-aligning and self-levelling with a 15 angle of movement from centre for pad seating against workpiece surface with applied force. Eliminates clamp slippage. Delrin pads avoid damage to soft metals, polished surfaces or other finishes. Stainless steel models offer extra protection against rust and corrosion.
Swivel Pad Clamps: Knurled Head Model Swivel Pad Clamps offer finger-tight clamping with an easy to grip knurled head. Holds parts with off-angle surfaces without marring or damaging the surfaces. Hardened bearing surface absorbs screw torque. Socket Set Model Swivel Pad Clamps with steel, steel and delrin, stainless steel, and stainless steel & delrin bodies and swivel pads offer maximum support and rigidity. Ideal in limited spaces, pads hold parts with off-angle surfaces without surface marring or damage.













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