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Tool & Die Components:

Nitrogen Springs
DADCO Stock Lifters
Core Pin Cylinders
Ready Coil Springs
Agathon Roller Guides
Lamina Guide Sets
MDL Guide Sets
Ready Benders
Milfab Cam Units
Carbide Tools
Pivot Punches
Vlier Products
In-Die Tapping


Work Holding Components:

Kwiklok Pins
Spool Retainers
Adjustable Die Clamps
T-Bolts & T-Slot Bolts


Materials Handling:

Pax Belt Conveyors
Vibrating Conveyors
Norwalk Uncoilers
Press Unloaders



Airless Spray Systems
Roller Systems


OBERG INDUSTRIES - makers of specialty tooling components and equipment.

Oberg's in-house technology give them  unrivalled experience and capabilities. For your most demanding applications, OBERG can grind and machine complex components to tolerances as low as 0.00002 inches (0.0005mm). Oberg's die development knowledge is applied at their our stamping plants to produce high quality parts very efficiently.

Replacing worn or broken die and mold components is a significant cost for many precision stampers and injection moulders. Oberg Industries combines the precision manufacturing capabilities of its U.S.A. facilities with its international operations to provide high quality, low cost replacement die and mould components of any shape or size. Take advantage of Oberg's low cost tooling initiatives to help lower your tooling costs, improve tooling performance and maintain the quality of your tooling.

High Quality
Oberg uses only premium grades of tungsten carbide, powdered metal, and steel. Raw materials are constantly checked by Oberg's experienced in-house metallurgical staff to ensure that the materials used for manufacturing match our specifications. Oberg's facilities operate under ISO 9001:2000 guidelines to maintain the highest quality standards. The craftsmen who manufacture these parts are highly trained and experienced and operate some of the most advanced tool making equipment in the industry.


Oberg tooling is designed and manufactured with the highest quality possible to help you:
Produce consistent, high quality parts
Reduce maintenance costs
Improve productivity and greatly minimize downtime




Oberg Industries manufactures a wide range of standard and specialized carbide rounds such as punches, die inserts, pilots and other die components. Oberg stocks thousands of semi-finished standard forms, which enables us to provide customers with finished replacement die components in as few as seven days. Special items can also be produced once specific details and drawings are provided. Oberg Industries now offers a superior point finish of an RA4 or less that is standard on all round pierce punches listed in the Oberg Carbide Punch & Die catalogue. This improved finish will have a positive impact on the quality of your parts and the performance of the tool, such as less material pick up and less sharpening, resulting in longer tool life. Best of all, this finish is provided at no additional cost to the customer.

Oberg die components are made with the same attention to critical tolerances as their stamping dies. This adherence to complex tolerances enables Oberg to guarantee the complete interchangeability of its components. When a punch or die section needs to be replaced, the new components will fit as precisely as the original.

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