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Vibrating Conveyors offer a low-cost, effective alternative to electrically driven conveyor systems for parts removal or removing punchings, trimmings and scrap produced during press operations. Vibrating conveyors provide automatic and continuous removal so that the press operator does not need to interrupt production to clean away the punchings, trimmings and/or scraps by hand.


GW Technologies offers two ranges  - ball vibrators from Cougar Industries and Pneumatic Vibrators from AS Raymond.


Both the Cougar Air Operated Ball Vibrators and Raymond RV series are constructed without  springs or other delicate internal moving parts - as such they offer superior reliability and durability.


Cougar Air Operated Ball Vibrators

Cougar Ball Vibrators are designed to produce more force for size, weight and cost than any other type of vibrators available. The vibrators are also engineered to be maintenance free, with only one moving part. Offering durability and ruggedness, Cougar Ball Vibrators operate effectively in extreme cold and heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as in dirt, dust and water.

Relying on simple design, compressed air forces a chrome steel ball around bearing grade races, allowing the ball vibrator to produce an easy-to-use source of vibration. Any of the 18 models of Air Ball Vibrators can be installed by simply bolting into position; once installed, they can operate immediately. The speed and force of the vibrator can be adjusted by regulating air supply. To enable quiet operation of less than 80dB, Cougar Ball Vibrators have tapered exhaust ports for mufflers or for exhaust removal.

Force Outputs from 8 to 1273 force lbs

Available in 18 models

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Raymond "RV" Series Pneumatic Vibrators

Mounting examples:

The Raymond "RV series" vibrators use a pneumatic power source offering a cost effective alternative to electrically driven conveyor belts.

The pneumatic power source allows this unit to work in areas contaminated by lubricating fluids and oils, avoiding potential shock hazards associated with electrically driven systems.

The compact design of the unit is made for working in tight areas. Easy to install, simply select the area for the unit, bolt in place and connect it to your air supply. The low air consumption and quiet running Raymond Pneumatic Vibrator is the safe and economical solution for your scrap removal needs.

All units feature a standard NPT connection for easy hookup to lubricated shop air and an adjustable exhaust muffler.

Standard transport trays are available. For balanced performance, all trays should use the RV12-S, RV25-S or RV50-S adjustable supports shown on page 40. For proper scrap removal, the tray should be sloped at an angle of 8 degrees or greater. The exact amount of inclination is adjustable to suit  upon the scrap weight and shape as well as the amount of oil and grease that is likely to be present.

Adjustable Support (for trays > 60cm length)


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