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DADCO Nitrogen Springs

GW Technologies is the authorised Australian distributor for DADCO nitrogen gas springs. We carry an extensive range of stock and can supply most models next business day. GW Technologies offers application and design advice and a regassing and repair service for DADCO products.


DADCO was the first company to produce top quality self-contained nitrogen gas springs at a competitive price and with superior customer service. Founded in 1958, DADCO is now the highest volume producer of gas springs for press tools. 


DADCO  manufactures a variety of gas springs in force models from 10 lb to 20 tons of force on contact. Sizes range from 1/2" to 6" in diameter. DADCO  gas springs may be operated as self-contained or linked. When operated as a linked system, adjustment, monitoring, draining and refilling can be performed from outside the die. DADCO offers a variety of accessories including hose, fittings and control panels that are used to connect gas springs together as a linked system.


Through extensive testing and field experience, DADCO has proven to manufacture reliable, low maintenance nitrogen gas springs. DADCO's exclusive One Year/One Million Stroke Gold Guarantee backs the Micro Series, LJ Series (90.7), Compact High Tonnage 90.9 Series and the Large 90.10/90.5B Series nitrogen gas springs.  DADCO offers a new 2 year / 2 million stroke Select Guarantee™ on the L Series (90.3) nitrogen gas springs.


*Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about DADCO Nitrogen Springs*


  Body Diameter: Force on contact:
Micro Series 12mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm From 4.5kg to 310kg 
FCL Series 44.5mm, 50mm From 30kg to 471kg
Ultra Force Series 19mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 150mm 175kg, 370kg, 510kg,1070kg, 1530kg, 2440kg, 9680kg
LJ Series (90.7) 38 mm, 44.5 mm, 50 mm 300kg, 500kg, 750kg
L Series (90.3) 38 mm, 44.5 mm, 50 mm 300kg, 500kg, 750kg
Compact 90.5B 50 mm, 75 mm, 95 mm, 120 mm 750kg, 1500kg, 3000kg, 5000kg
Compact High Tonnage 90.9 Series 75 mm, 95 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm 1500kg, 3000kg, 5000kg, 7500kg
Large Gas Springs
90.10 Series
44.5 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 95 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm, 195 mm 500kg, 750kg, 1500kg, 3000kg, 5000kg, 7500kg, 10000kg
Super Compact SC Series 98.80 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm 420kg, 1000kg, 1800kg, 4700kg, 7500kg, 11800kg, 18300kg


Micro Series Gas Springs    

      NEW!! Micro 45 Model (1/2" body diameter)

DADCO’s patented Micro Nitrogen Gas springs are the ideal replacement for conventional coil springs. Their consistent, reliable force makes them the perfect choice for use in metal stamping; general tool work, such as jigs and fixtures; machine components, and plastic injection moulding. Dimensions are available: Micro 45,Micro 90, Threaded Body Micro, Micro 180 Micro 250

Ultra Force™ Gas Springs

      DADCO's Ultra Force™ gas springs are available in four force models:

  • U.0175 (380lbs/175kg, 19mm body dia);
  • U.0400 (0.33ton/370kg, 32mm body dia);
  • U.0600 (0.5ton/510kg, 38mm body dia); and
  • U.1200 (1.2ton/1070kg, 50mm body dia);
  • U.1600 (1.6ton/1530kg, 63mm body dia);
  • U.2600 (2.6ton/2440kg, 75mm body dia);
  • U.9600 (10.7ton/9680kg, 150mm body dia);

These compact springs provide high force in low profile body cylinders.  The Ultra Force™ incorporates DADCO's exclusive UltraPak™ cartridge technology. The UltraPak™ cartridge is comprised of a superior bearing and seal to extend the gas spring life and provide excellent wear characteristics. Dimensions are available:U.0175,U.0400,U.0600,U.1200,U.1600,U.2600,U.9600


LJ Series Miniature Gas Springs  

DADCO’s LJ Series gas springs are available in three force models: 1/3 ton, 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton. Providing more force in less space, the 1/3 ton model is 20 mm shorter than the L Series  1/3 ton model, the 1/2 ton model is 18.5 mm shorter than the L Series 1/2 ton model, and likewise the 3/4 ton model is 12.5 mm shorter than the L Series 3/4 ton model. Dimensions are available: LJ 300, LJ 500, LJ 750


L Series Miniature Gas Springs 

DADCO offers a range of options for stampers of small metal parts and injection moulders with tight space restrictions. The L Series gas springs are available in three force models: 1/3 ton, 1/2 ton, and 3/4 ton force on contact. With a uniform height of 2" + 2 x stroke these gas springs can be designed in easily and interchanged when necessary. Dimensions are available: L 300, L 500, L 750


90.9 Series Compact High Tonnage Gas Springs 

DADCO's 90.9 Series is the smallest high-tonnage nitrogen gas spring series available.  Smaller than ISO Standard Nitrogen Gas Springs by as much as 3" (75 mm), the 90.9 Series delivers forces ranging from 1.5 ton to 8 tons. Dimensions are available:  90.9.01500, 90.9.03000, 90.9.05000, 90.9.07500.


90.5B Series Compact Gas Springs 

This compact series delivers forces from 3/4 ton to 8 tons on contact.  The 90.5B Series has the capability to be operated in either a self-contained system or a linked system.  Dimensions are available:  90.5B, 90.5B.07500


90.10 Series Large Gas Springs 

DADCO's full height 90.10 Series is based on the ISO standard, and delivers forces from 1/2 ton to 10 tons on contact.  The 90.10 Series can be operated in either a self-contained system or linked system.   Dimensions are available:  00500, 00750, 01500, 03000, 05000, 07500, 10000


Super Compact Nitrogen Gas Springs 

DADCO's Super Compact Series is ideal for applications that require high force and short stroke lengths. With stroke lengths ranging from 6 mm to 50 mm, and diameters ranging from 25 mm to 150 mm, the Super Compact Series provides more force in less space by providing up to 20 tons of force on contact. The Super Compact can be operated in both self-contained or linked systems. Dimensions are available:  SC-00420, SC-01000 - SC-18300

































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