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makers of quality, high-precision lever-actuated cam punch units


Milfab Spring-Return Cam Units all feature:

  • Investment-cast steel components guaranteeing consistency, performance, & service life in the millions of cycles

  • Milfab's unique rotary trigger mechanism translates the ram's vertical motion into horizontal motion

  • Keyed cam units with dual-flated punch head keyed to the punch plate which is matched to the punch body

  • Tight punch-to-bore tolerances on all cam units and punch-plate-to-body tolerances on keyed units ensure accurate motion

  • All models are available with oil-impregnated bronze bearings (optional)

The difference between the Inboard, Outboard, and Gas Spring models is punch stripping. The Top Mount variation is available in all three models. Milfab Cam Units generate the rated punching and stripping forces at the end of the stroke.

Inboard spring model features:

  1. Urethane stripper and steel washer mounted on punch tip
  2. Internal light-duty compression spring for unit reset
  3. Use on flat surfaces with room for stripper displacement
  4. Maximum point size is less than the punch diameter
  5. Most compact size


Outboard spring model FEATURES:

  • External heavy-duty die spring for stripping and unit reset
  • Use on curved surfaces or tubes
  • Part must be held for stripping to occur. Use horn, mandrel, etc.




Top-mount models

  • Standard Inboard, Outboard and Gas Spring Models in special Top Mount bodies
  • Mount to a fixed top plate or spring-loaded top die plate
  • Oil impregnated bronze bearings are STANDARD on all top- mount models


  • In progressive dies for a clear coil path between strokes
  • To punch from the inside part
  • In-die punching in forming dies after the surface is formed
  • Punching surface is only accessible from above


Application examples (top-mount units shown):

Standard Trigger - use when mounted to 15o

Offset Trigger - use when mounted 15o to 60o


MILFAB Standard Punch Profiles:

Standard Round,            Square                      Oval 1                            Oval 2

        Rectangular 1                   Rectangular 2

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