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from Norwalk Innovation - The coil-handling method that saves you time and money.

Manufacturers today need new and innovative ways to save that most precious commodity...time. When it comes to uncoiling materials, there's  simply no more efficient and operator-friendly method than with the "Un-Coiler" from Norwalk Innovation. The Un-Coiler is designed to serve stamping presses, roll-form mills, wire forming machines, four-slides, cut-to-length, plating lines, corrugators and spiral winding machines.

The Un-Coiler







The Un-Coiler

How simply and effectively the Un-Coiler™ works:

The Un-Coiler's feeding action is initiated by the pull of the strip material from the production equipment, which activates Norwalk's patented, "Quick Torque" drive system. This pulling effect of the material, which is fed around the Un-Coiler's self-aligning guide drum, draws the drum outwards and rotates the table. The farther the guide drum is pulled outwards, the faster the turntable rotates, assuring automatic speed synchronization with the machine tool. The drive wheel runs directly to the table rim surface, providing very responsive starting and stopping, avoiding excess coasting. The tension remains constant, whether uncoiling a full or almost empty load.



The Un-Coiler has the ability to uncoil a variety of materials in many widths and thicknesses. The Un-Coiler handles metal, wire, plastic, cable and even paper!


Gentle on Metal

The Un-Coiler is easy on materials. Even soft metals like brass and copper can be uncoiled and fed without causing edge damage.  Lifting a vertical reel tends to crimp the bottom edge of strip material - this simply doesn't happen with the Un-Coiler's horizontal coil placement. For highly polished, painted or other special-finish materials a urethane guide drum is available for even more protection.



The Un-Coiler is rigid and designed to accommodate up to 10,000lbs of material, yet it is light enough to be moved from one location to another so you can use it where you need it. Portability is made even easier because there are no permanent connecting wires to the production machine.

Available in optional configurations for wire and sheet applications.


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